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I-WATCH (Institute of Water, Air and Toxicity Control for Humanity) is a registered non-profit organization established in 2013 with its head quarter located in Islamabad. A team of highly qualified and experienced environmentalists headed by Asif Shuja Khan, ex-Director General, Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency have dedicated their services for protection and conservation of country's environment.

I-WATCH provides a public forum for exchange of information and discussion, the extract of which is conveyed to the relevant environmental institution for incorporation in the policy formulation. We also convey your complaints on environmental issues to the concerned government department and peruse them till they are resolved. Our legal section is also available to guide public on their environmental rights and provide free legal advice on filing suit in the court of law.

I-WATCH has an excellent resource bank with it comprising of ex government officers and experts from private sector, who laid down foundation of environment in Pakistan and actively participated in inter-governmental negotiations to materialize various international conventions and protocols. These experts provide policy adviser to the relevant agencies.  Besides, I-WATCH also provides opportunities to the fresh environmentalists to come up with innovative ideas to resolve our environmental problems.

I-WATCH conducts research/investigation and gathering of data through surveys on different environmental and safety issues that directly or indirectly affects public and animals health. We have network of laboratories that provide us technical support to prepare public awareness material on food toxicity and other contaminants to which people are ignorantly exposed to.

I-WATCH educates people through different means on toxic chemicals/ biological contaminants which we come across everyday life and provide advice on how to avoid or minimize their exposure. We are closely working with health department in promoting introduction of environmental medicines and detoxification techniques in the country.

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