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As the global population is getting denser, the problems of environmental damages becoming a severe issue. In the light of global environmental damages, I-Watch has stepped up as transnational actor that addresses the interconnected issues of the environment that Pakistan is currently facing. It deals with the issues including the depletion of natural resources, global warming and conservation of land, water, air and organic resources.

It primarily focuses on a wide range of issues and relies on a variety of means to accomplish their goals. The work of I-Watch mainly includes

          Acquiring and managing endangered land,

          Performing field research,

          Lobbying government institutions and

          Creating information campaigns to raise public awareness.

 It is focusing on the working in close collaboration with the Pakistan government, non-government organizations and corporations to create environmentally friendly policies. It is involved with the work in development and progress of environmental issues including global warming, deforestation and removal of nuclear weapon.

With the creative campaigns, civil society is taking increasing interest in environmental issues. This interest is leading to a need for more independent research, communication, and grassroots outreach. In order to avail such opportunities, I-Watch can play a very significant role in leading and promoting such initiatives. Moreover, the ability of I-Watch is to provide an independent view is crucial to building trust in the issues or causes and helps enact behavioral as well as cultural change in communities.

We have an incredible and implausible team of research scientists, policy analysts, grant writers, economists, diplomats, community organizers and many more. All of these are well experienced and experts in their own field and support us to promote our motto to the external world.

We are envisioned with the fact to provide leadership and encourage partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing and enabling nations and people to improve the quality of life of future generations.

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